Costes - Lung Farts

From Discogs.com : "1000% french underground-trash artist since 1985 in Paris. Jean Louis Costes didn't know to play any music instruments, so, one day, he choose to play Synthetizer... A mix between the american trash artist GG Allin, bad pop music, noise and... Costes Style.
He run around the world to diffuse his music, in small 'porno social' show, very trash & nude.. And of course, more people who don't know who he is, HATE... and I think it's a 'cheap' word :)
If one day, you see a promo to Costes in your town, please let's go to see... It's not Universal Music!"

"Lung Farts" was released by Costes Cassette in 1989.

Get it here : Costes - Lung Farts

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