Michel Chion - Requiem

From Allmusic.com : "Chion began splicing together tape making musique concrete in France in the '70s. The title track to this collection of pieces is a 37 minute 16 second dark, mysterious, and at times demented version of the classic "Funeral Mass." "Funeral Mass" is the basis for all classical requiems. While such classic requiems glorify the suggestion of eternal life suggested by the religious interpretation of death, Chion's work probes the existential panic of those living under the threat of death. A dark, kaleidoscope collage of cruel whispers, snippets of choral works, and eerie, segmented sacred string music promote a feeling of uneasiness and abandonment."

Side A :
1. Requiem Aeternam
2. Kyrie Eleison
3. Épître
4. Dies Irae
5. Domine Deus
6. Évangile

Side B :
1. Sanctus
2. Pater Noster - Agnus Dei
3. Lux Aeterna
4. Libera Me

"Requiem" was released by INA-GRM in 1978.

Get it here : Michel Chion - Requiem

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