Nurse With Wound - Insect & Individual Silenced

From Allmusic.com : "Notorious in the vast Nurse with Wound catalog, Insect & Individual Silenced was so hated by its creator, Steven Stapleton, that the album went out of print and the master tapes were burned. Copies on auction sites went for beau coup dollars. Thankfully his mind was changed and the album finally made its digital debut in 2007 on Raash. Easily the most playful of early Nurse with Wound, Stapleton is joined by merry prankster Jim Thirlwell from Foetus and Trevor Reidy, who would go on to work with Danielle Dax and the Monochrome Set. Reidy plays drums, adding bizarre accents when and where he can, given the musical terrain, while Thirlwell's contribution consists of "playing" his amplifier by manipulating the jack-plugs and leads, generating unearthly buzzes and drones. As expected, Stapleton brings to the table many unidentifiable noisemakers, drones, bits of old records, and a playful sense of the psychedelic. Like many of the early NWW releases, Insect is more of an audio collage than an album of songs, each piece appearing improvised with a disregard for any type of song form. And that's not a criticism, it's what makes Stapleton's early work so unique, and in this case, fun. Reidy's loose and inventive kit-work on "Absent Old Queen Underfoot" consists of merely a snare and brushes, surrounded by a pastiche of kosmiche and John Cage from Stapleton. "Mutilés de Guerre," at a brief seven minutes, is like the early NWW efforts in a nutshell -- completely disorienting pitch-shifted screams mix with bizarre horn squalls, and howling feedback that eventually give way to a banjo and choir version of Beethoven's "Ode to Joy." More than other albums in the discography, it's hard to predict just what's going to come out of the speakers next, even after repeated listens. Recommended."

Side A :
1. Alvin's Funeral (The Milk Was Delivered In Black Bottles)

Side B :
1. Absent Old Queen Underfoot
2. Mutilés De Guerre

"Insect & Individual Silenced" was released by United Dairies in 1981.

Get it here : Nurse With Wound - Insect & Individual Silenced

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