H.N.A.S. - Im Schatten Der Möhre

From Allmusic.com : "On their fourth album, the obscure German electronic composer and experimenter Christoph Heemann's H.N.A.S. project had become increasingly bizarre. This album on the DOM label was originally released in 1987 in a strictly limited edition. This CD version is a remastered version of the rare avant-garde/experimental rock LP with seven bonus tracks and the original artwork and photos. The album was also reissued by Christoph Heemann himself on Streamline, though without the bonus tracks found on this version. Essential listening for those interested in the European post-industrial scene; though H.N.A.S. remains considerably obscure, their influence on the avant rock and experimental electronica scenes cannot be underestimated."

"Im Schatten Der Möhre" was released by Dom in 1987, then re-released in 2002.

Get it here : H.N.A.S. - Im Schatten Der Möhre

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