Cranioclast - Kolik-San-Art

Side A :
1. The Birds Brought Water In Their Beaks Into The Temples
2. Against Nature
3. Did A Carpenter Make Her? No, No A Photographer In Sheffield
4. Catch A Fading Polaroid And Put It In Your Pocket
5. Chambre Des Cauchemars - Monsieur Zann's Final Chamber Transformation - He Left Behind Black Blood On My Ear

Side B :
1. Les Voix Emurantes Parlent Dans Les Débris De Tiffauges
2. Ray Treatment
3. De/Camuflage
4. The Madonna Lost Her Face In The Acid Bath - Les Chants De "Trois Frères"
5. Strategies Of Truth

"Kolik-San-Art" was released by Principe Logique in 1986.

Get it here : Cranioclast - Kolik-San-Art

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