Jason Forrest - Death Afterlife

From www.cockrockdisco.com : "No doubt you fell under the dark spell of Iron Maiden when you were a young teenager. Maybe you were next in line for satanic suburban child sacrifice but had fortune on your side. I remember sitting with my friend Craig in suburban South Carolina on countless afternoons while we cranked the Maiden. Craig had lots of "Eddie" T-shirts and posters. All I had was a Ratt poster because my parents thought it wasn't too evil.

There was always something really driving in the Maiden sound, something I had forgotten about until earlier this year. Listening to the records and cassettes now, I'm really impressed and inspired by the complexity, musicality and structure of the songs. While certainly no strangers to long, melodramatic finger-hammering guitar solos, Iron Maiden pushed the boundaries of showmanship with their ostentatious stage shows. Pyrotechnics, a giant rockin' Edie character and of course the huge stage props, made them pretty much the coolest band on the planet when I was 12.

So I had this idea to go back and digitally process this stuff. I started with 45 1-second samples from the "Best of the Beast" (a greatest hits) album. Most of what gets processed comes from this material. Then I digitized several whole sings from a cassette of "Live After Death" that I bought for .50 cents in a thrift store. (One particularly pretty section deals with the guitar solo from "Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner".) It's all processed with a number of programs and usually have been DSP'd several times and layered in odd ways.

It clock's in at 50:31 with 1 track.

Available in a limited edition of 100 CD-Rs."

"Death Afterlife" was released by Cock Rock Disco in 2004.

Get it here : Jason Forrest - Death Afterlife

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