Throbbing Gristle - Special Treatment

"The time of The Cryptic One gig was a very important time for all the industrial scene alltogether. All the interested parties were there that night. People and groups that have since become infamous against the hard core underground scene. It was an electric night, very alive and thumping energy from wall to wall and from roof to well below ground. A great shift and a great surge forward happened that night... Suffice it to say it was special in many many ways to all the people who attended." (Cosey Fanni Tutti)

Recorded on stage at the Cryptic One, London Nov. 11, 1978. Re-processed in September 1983 at Studio 47, London.

Side A :
1. Whistling Song
2. Tesco Disco

Side B :
1. E-Coli
2. High Note

"Special Treatment" was released by Mental Decay Records in 1984.

Get it here : Throbbing Gristle - Special Treatment

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