Big City Orchestra - Greatest Hits and Test Tones

Nostalgie De La Boue is currently posting loads of gems from Big City Orchestra, so here is our little contribution to this essential band.

From Discogs.com : "One of the most idiosyncratic and original groups of the past two decades, BCO is not your standard Orchestra. Situated in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, the band has released an enormous catalog of recorded material over the past two decades. Formed in the late 1970's the ensemble continues to maintain a free-flowing roster of artists from around the world that collaborate on specific projects. Categorizing the Orchestra into any given genre can be a task, as releases continue to surprise even the most devout listener. There is never any way to precisely classify the next BCO release. An album of authentic sea-shanties? A wall of noise? A shimmering downpour of lullabies whispered to the wind? A humorous or thought-provoking album of Sound Collages? Vocal excursions set to make Rod McKuen blush? We press play, leaning forward with slight apprehension. We await the first wave of blissful deception. We are perpetually rewarded."

Track 2 : Mixed by John Duncan
Track 4 : Mixed by Brook Hinton
Track 6 : Mixed by Monte Cazazza
Track 8 : Mixed by GX Jupitter-Larsen

"Greatest Hits and Test Tones" was released by Pogus Productions in 1993.

Get it here : Big City Orchestra - Greatest Hits and Test Tones

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