De Fabriek - Made In Germany

From Discogs.com : "De Fabriek (The Factory) hails from the Dutch City of Zwolle and were originaly founded by Richard van Dellen and Andries D. Eker at the end of the seventies. Now the spil are Richard van Dellen, Louise Manuru van Dellen (his wife) and Simone van Dellen (his daughter). Not considering themselves a regular band (for one thing, they are a label too) they present De Fabriek as some sort of workmen-union, and the musicians they work with as labourers. Music is created through workman tools and machinery. Throughout years they were recording with the likes of Solenoid, O.R.D.U.C., Technological Aquiver, Brume, Vivenza, Klinik, and Gen Ken Montgomery."

"Made In Germany" was released by Artware in 1991.

Get it here : De Fabriek - Made In Germany

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