Etant Donnés - L'Eclipse [C50 Tape]

From the liner notes : "Staalplaat and Ambassade organize performances of groups in The Netherlands. Staaltape made recordings of these performances and released them a a special edition, the Documentation series."

Etant Donnés' "L'Eclipse" was the first ever contribution to the Documentation series.

Side A :
1. Le Sens Positif (Genève: 24-2-'84)
2. Français Encore Un Effort (Roma: 12-2-'82)
3. Sombre Eclair 2 (Roma: 12-2-'82)
4. Le Sens Positif (Genève: 24-2-'84)

Side B :
1. L'Eclipse
2. Le Paradis Blanc (Lyon: 26-4-'83)
3. La Mer Et Ses Marins
4. Le Paradis Jaune

"L'Eclipse" was released by Staalplaat in 1985.

Get it here : Etant Donnés - L'Eclipse

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