Fetus Productions - Fetus Product

From www.psychedelic-music.com : "Fetus Productions was an avantgarde band from New Zealand. The earlier band The Fetals split into SPK and Fetus Productions. Jed Town, the genius who was creating all music, recorded the tracks in New Zealand and Australia. The music was melodic art-rock or electronic avandgarde combined with heavy visuals. Heavy experimental compositions but in tradition of The Beatles 'Helter Skelter'. Jed Town can sing like an angel, thats for shure, an angel with a midi sampler instead of a harp."

Side A :
1. Halocast
2. Annoying
3. Caution
4. Mission To Fort Bold
5. Humour
6. 3 Times A Day
7. Marvelous

Side B :
1. Human Weakness
2. Sick Boy
3. I Call
4. Plastic Surgery Patients
5. Into The Heart

"Fetus Product" was self-released by Fetus Productions in 1981.

Get it here : Fetus Productions - Fetus Product

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