The Hafler Trio - All That Rises Must Converge

From Allmusic.com : "All That Rises is a reissue of two EPs that were originally released in late 1986 on Touch, The Sea Org (tracks one through three) and Brain Song (tracks five through nine), with additional tracks that were previously unreleased. The group's interest in perception and the effects of sound is still very much in the foreground here. The original cover of Brain Song still includes Edward Moolenbeek as a member of the group, and interviews from the period still refer to Spridgeon as inspiration. Almost all of this collection contains the Hafler Trio's particular take on layered drones, where occasionally recognizable sounds (especially voices) appear buried in the mix, and where a sound will suddenly appear or disappear, in one channel or in both. Sometimes the drones will show their origins to be some kind of field recordings as the sounds thin out. There are also many perceptual blurs, such as on "Myriologue #3," where the sounds of seagulls morph into creaking hinges. The absence of a direct narrative makes this slightly easier listening than their earliest work, such as Bang!, but there are enough sudden changes to keep the listener on edge and the album from lapsing into easy ambience."

"All That Rises Must Converge" was released by The Grey Area in 1993.

Get it here : The Hafler Trio - All That Rises Must Converge

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