K-Kortex - Convulsive Confessions [C60 Tape]

Here is the second self-released cassette tape from K-Kortex. The musical style of this Nancy based artist (who was gravitating around the Permis de Construire label) ranges from The Residents to Gary Numan. By the way, a cover of Gary Numan's "Down In The Park" is featured on this tape.

Side A :
1. Dream Limits Evolution
2. The Screen
3. Unclassified Vibrations
4. Returning To The Present
5. The 3rd Generation
6. Nightklub
7. Mütomània
8. Uncontrollable Visions

Side B :
1. Klort's Secret
2. Minds Of Surgery
3. The Nocturnal Sacrifice
4. Mark Of The Vampire
5. Down In The Park
6. Dark Clouds
7. Eschön Tukln

"Convulsive Confessions" was self-released by K-Kortex in 1985.

Get it here : K-Kortex - Convulsive Confessions


  1. Don't know if this blog is still active or not, but I didn't even know that this cassette existed- would love to give it a listen- all I've seen from K-Kortex is the Elektric Brain Waves CD which I founf a long time ago- a total oddity for sure! Any chance for a re-upload? Thanks!

  2. I'm from Nancy and I know that K-KORTEX & L'Onde Associée are still active, producing experimental and molecular music with RAMAN LASER. Their latest album is PORCS PARALLELES, released by l'Onde Associée under ref AO 010. I heard some new material is coming out soon... is that 2016 ?