Kim Cascone - Dust Theories

From Allmusic.com "An important item in micro-sound artist Kim Cascone's scattered discography, Dust Theories contains two extended pieces based on his concept of sonic residue ("Dust Theories 1" and "Dust Theories 2"), a shorter piece ("Edgeboundaries 123"), and finally two remixes of the latter track by Ben Nevile and DJ4'33". The two 20-minute selections show Cascone at the peak of his minimal self. His clicks, glitches, and hums become space symphonies for the digital age. His techniques may involve more mathematics than music, but the result is immersive and fascinating -- you truly forget the gear. Unlike other sound artists, Cascone doesn't let the concept overrule the result. "Edgeboundaries 123" is harsher in style, more dense, busy, and clumsy. A departure from earlier efforts, it remains nonetheless rooted in the same kind of "pure" digital sounds. Nevile's remix transforms it into a warped, slightly annoying techno track. The transformations of DJ4'33" are much more interesting. They explore ambient domains in tune with the first two tracks of the CD and use the residue technique (filtering out elements of the original to keep only its trace), therefore re-Cascone-fying a piece some probably consider less typical of the artist in the first place. The CD also contains an enhanced section with a stand-alone application and Max/MSP patches to tinker the remixes; after all, Dust Theories was released on the music software company Cycling '74's label."

"Dust Theories" was released by Cycling 74 in 2001.

Get it here : Kim Cascone - Dust Theories

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