Lesser - LS-MP3CD-R_1990-2000 [CD-ROM]

From Allmusic.com : "J Lesser is an indie sampler terrorist stranded halfway between the heavily fraternal scenes organized around conventional drum'n'bass and unconventional noise. His formative career includes time spent playing with a Metallica cover band in San Diego, and with figures who later formed the indie bands Crash Worship and A Minor Forest. Lesser contributed the debut release for the San Diego indie-electronica label Vinyl Communications with 1996's Excommunicate the Cult of the Live Band. Gigolo Cop and Welcome to the American Experience followed in one-year intervals, while a split-compact-disc with Kid-606 was released in 1998. Mensa Dance Squad appeared three years later. Besides appearing with Matmos and Kid-606 as DISC, Lesser has also recorded as 157 and Backfire."

"LS-MP3CD-R_1990-2000" is a CD-ROM filled with tracks in mp3 format. It contains 12 hours of music, representing every pre-2001 Lesser release, as well as over 5 hours of unreleased, live or incredibly rare music.

The pack includes the 18 following folders :
01 - I_Hate_Me
02 - Ballad_for_Those_Lost_in_War
03 - Katie_Solo
04 - VC_39
05 - Young_Parts
06 - Negative
07 - Lesser_Rob Crow Split CD
08 - Powerlesser
09 - Excommunicate_the_Cult_of
10 - Gigolo_Cop
11 - Welcome_to_the_American_Exp
12 - Elements_of_Pessimism
13 - LSR_KID-606_Split_CD
14 - Acorn
15 - Freesound
16 - Compilations(thru_2001)
17 - Remixes(thru_2001)
18 - Unreleased(94-01)

"LS-MP3CD-R_1990-2000" was released by Tigerbeat6 in 2001.

Get it here : Lesser - LS-MP3CD-R_1990-2000

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