From Allmusic.com : "The compilation CD Minima-List launched the small French label List, devoted to minimal music (i.e. microsound, lowercase, etc.), both electronic and acoustic. It introduces the work of a few French artists placed among tracks by better-known names like Komet (aka Frank Bretschneider), Otomo Yoshihide, Taylor Deupree, and Richard Chartier. The musical grounds covered are a lot less minimal than one would expect. There are worlds to discover between Chartier's see-through, silence-drenched tones and the textured noise of Fabriquedecouleurs (aka Emmanuel Allard). Each artist has enough time to make a statement (three to eight minutes) and the order of appearance makes sure there is enough contrast between tracks to let particularities shine. Highlights include the distilled beats and melody of Komet's "Zug," Speakerine's harsh feedback guitar-driven "Minim Ammo" (quite an ear cleanser), Matthieu Saladin's multi-tracked sopranino sax drone (or is it a double-reed instrument?), and Alan Licht's concluding "Retrograde," a dreamy guitar loop. What about Yoshihide, you may ask? The 12-minute "2 Guitars" features him playing two guitars at once -- actually he produces out of them single pure tones one just a bit out of tune with the other. Sine waves flap, the sonic landscape shifts as the listener turns his/her head or moves around in the room. Very minimal indeed. Minima-List should satisfy fans of the genre and can work as a good introduction to its major exponents and stylistic directions."

Tracklisting :
01. Sogar - Aiuto Mathausen
02. Charles Curtis - Acoustic Mass Interference Phase
03. Komet - Zug
04. Otomo Yoshihide - 2 Guitars
05. Fabriquedecouleurs - Ninjiski
06. Taylor Deupree - Occur.10
07. *0 - Cytomics
08. Sol - Vers#1
09. Speakerine - Minim Ammo
10. Richard Chartier - Composition 09.01
11. Matthieu Saladin - La Telhaie On Waking
12. 0/r - Untitled..
13. Alan Licht - Retrograde

"Minima-List" was released by List in 2001.

Get it here : Minima-List

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