P16.D4 - Acrid Acme (Of)

Section 1 : All tracks of this section are based on material recorded in 1981 wich was treated and recomposed in 1987. The idea was to work with early rock-recordings in a non-nostalgic way analysing the relations between actual and early-80s approaches.

Section 2 : Consists of compositions featured on the Captured Music Festival, february 1987. Since the performance was denominated by confrontation and combination of acoustic and optic elements, the tracks were rearranged as "pure acoustic" features.

Section 3 : Whilst the tracks of the other 3 sections are composed with studio-techniques these are improvised direct-to-tape.

Section 4 : P16.D4 & Merzbow.

From the liner notes : "It's anti-social to play this record in public."

"Acrid Acme (Of)" was released by Selektion in 1989.

Get it here : P16.D4 - Acrid Acme (Of)

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