Paris-Tokyo [C40 Tape]

This prestigious compilation showcases French artists on one side and Japanese artists on the second side.
Interesting enough, the 2 Merzbow tracks featured here are absolutely not what you could expect from the most famous noise terrorist. It was the time when Masami Akita was not necessarily doing noise.

Side Paris :
A1  Richard Pinhas - Joe Chips Meets K.B. (Part. 2)      
A2  Jac Berrocal & Jacques Doyen - Sacré!      
A3  Vidéo-Aventures - Le Retour De L'Homme Au Grand Chapeau      
A4  Fondation - Contact      
A5  Vidéo-Aventures - Anyhow For Tennis      
A6  DDAA - La Roue De Bicyclette      
A7  Vidéo-Aventures - En Hommage à Pop Corn      
A8  Satellite - Surprise

Side Tokyo :
B1  Merzbow - Awa Dance      
B2  Isansozokunin - Senjo No Mura      
B3  Haco - Kasokudo No Etude      
B4  Merzbow - Hannya / Haramitta      
B5  Kumiko Suyama - Dance      
B6  MLD  - Dynamo      

"Paris-Tokyo" was released by Tago Mago in 1983.

Get it here : Paris-Tokyo

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