RLW - Acht

From Allmusic.com : "This album is divided into two sections. The first, Four Compositions 1992, is a collection of abstract pieces of sound art. "Restless Occlusion" is an exploration of the insides of a piano, with string scraping and prepared tones in addition to a little bit of straight playing. "Kleine Blaue Hybriden" is quieter, alternating between metallic rattles, buzzes, and ominous, bass-rattling drones. "In Acht" starts with single-note attacks like on a guitar, then reworks the resonance and harmonic signatures of the resulting notes. The final composition, "Is it?" is the most abstract of the four, sounding like feedback or radio waves before RLW's transformations. Again, he transforms the material by altering the attack or decay or applying filters to various parts, but the result is often delicate. The second section, Pop Tools, uses pop recordings as source material for a commentary on popular music. "Silent Calculus" uses a punk rock recording as an audible source, while "Über den Plan" uses circus-like organ sounds. "Hohe Mauern" is a pointillistic piece for piano and voice dedicated to poet Philip Larkin, which shows RLW's interest in the human voice (an interest which he will explore more fully on Pullover)."

"Acht" was released by Selektion in 1992.

Get it here : RLW - Acht

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