Terre Thaemlitz - Die Roboter Rubato

From Allmusic.com : "Electro-acoustician Thaemlitz takes the long road around expectation for his Mille Plateaux debut, opting for a set of solo piano extrapolations of songs by German electro innovators Kraftwerk. Built on a high-clearing deck of post-industrial cultural analysis over the course of its seven-plus pages of liner notes, the music on the disc requires little in the way of explanation; Thaemlitz' sparse, inventive interpretations are pleasing enough on their own. Although the themes of classics such as "The Robots," "Space Lab," and "Computer World" are sometimes so obtusely stated as to elude recognition, Thaemlitz' inspired performances make it hardly a problem."

"Die Roboter Rubato" was released by Mille Plateaux in 1997.

Get it here : Terre Thaemlitz - Die Roboter Rubato

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