Terre Thaemlitz - Tranquilizer

From Allmusic.com : "Though Terre Thaemlitz would go on to create highly conceptual works exploring gender politics and post-structuralist theory, on Tranquilizer he was content to craft lush and appealing chill-out atmospheres. This album is an artifact of the post-rave ambient era typified by groups like the Orb, filled with evocative synth washes mixed with sounds of nature and bits of tribal percussion. It might sound a bit naïve to ears weaned on electronic music made with powerful computer software, but Tranquilizer is not without its charms, and it shows Thaemlitz' deft touch with mood and texture. "Raw Through a Straw" is a simple, understated piece for organ that was featured on a very early Thaemlitz single. "Meditation of the Mountain Oyster" leans toward new age with the gentle sound of surf and gentle hand percussion. "Hovering Glows" is the most interesting track here, with some sections presaging later trends in glitch music, and others verging on Massive Attack-style trip-hop. Thaemlitz' career path is marked by restless experimentation, but Tranquilizer is merely a cozy and pleasant place for a layover."

"Tranquilizer" was released by Instinct Records in 1994.

Get it here : Terre Thaemlitz - Tranquilizer

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