Vote Robot - In Meorm NA

From Allmusic.com : "An electronica duo from bucolic Kelowna, British Columbia, Vote Robot prided itself on using vintage equipment, creating experimental music with a palpable human warmth. Analog synths, doctored tapes, turntables, and mixing consoles were their favorite sound sources, to the conscious exclusion of computers, samplers, and other modern digital devices. The results were often compared to the pioneering glitch style of Oval, despite having taken a much different path to get there. Vote Robot members Kevin Rivard and Scott August first met when Rivard was August's babysitter. August developed a home-taping habit in his teens, and he and Rivard began collaborating in the mid-'90s, when August also released solo material under the name French Paddleboat. The first Vote Robot releases were cassette only, until Catsup Plate issued R.U.R. in LP format in 1995. Both of its pressings sold out completely, as did a more limited remix album, Versions, in 1998. Early the next year, August landed his first CD release as French Paddleboat with Conversions in Metric, and the resultant exposure helped draw more attention to Vote Robot as well. Their own debut CD release came in the form of 2001's In Meorm NA, issued by Vancouver indie Scratch. It was followed by another vinyl-only album, Five Score Six Bicycle."

"In Meorm NA" was released by Scratch Recordings in 2001.

Get it here : Vote Robot - In Meorm NA

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