Zbigniew Karkowski - Consciously Unconscious, Unconsciously Conscious

From Allmusic.com : "Released in Metamkine's series of 3" CDs, "Cinéma Pour l'Oreille," and adopting its usual format of a single 20-minute piece, Consciously Unconscious. Unconsciously Conscious may destabilize at first. It is not a noise onslaught like listeners are used to from this artist. Yet, it remains focused on the physicality of sound. In the opening seconds listeners hear filtered voices, ghostly and with an uncertain purpose. The piece then dives into low-frequency rumbles. Listened to at high volume (and on a subwoofer if possible), they get under your skin to toy with your organs. For the next third of an hour, Zbigniew Karkowski sculpts these low turmoils, letting occasional strokes of high frequencies pass by, not painful flashes, just grey openings in the black fabric of sound. In the last three minutes, the composer drops the low range to produce high-frequency drones. None of this sheds light on the introductory voices. Skillfully constructed, the piece amounts to one big question mark made of dozens of smaller ones. Two of them are: Is it good? Should it be?"

"Consciously Unconscious, Unconsciously Conscious" was released by Metamkine in 2002.

Get it here : Zbigniew Karkowski - Consciously Unconscious, Unconsciously Conscious

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