The Hafler Trio - Dislocation

From Discogs.com : "The Hafler Trio as it now exists is an organisation dedicated to the dissemination of information, principally in the recorded medium, but neccessarily involved in the intersections between the related disciplines and the furtherance of their effectiveness to provide an antidote to the tendencies prevalent in their use at the present time.

The releases of The Hafler Trio are primarily concerned with research and presentation of the findings that result, and as such are a coninually growing and evolving library - a source of stimulation to action - in direct opposition to the lethargic obsession with escapism provided by the means of entertainment currently available.

The Hafler Trio are interested in three essentials only; the body, the mind, and the spirit. Everything else follows directly from these points and is contained within them. In short, The Hafler Trio facilitates interaction in an organic manner that is not directly coerced, but unless effort on the part of the recipient is engaged, the circle cannot be completed.

Although The Hafler Trio was originally founded by Andrew McKenzie and Christopher Watson, the only member currently remaining is McKenzie. A third founding member, the scientist Dr. Edward Moolenbeck, turned out to be a fiction created by the other two."

"Dislocation" was released by Staalplaat in 1987.

Get it here : The Hafler Trio - Dislocation

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