The Hafler Trio - Intoutof

From Allmusic.com : "The Hafler Trio album Intoutof (pronounced "into out of") was originally released in 1985 on vinyl. The master tapes were too long for the capabilities of the equipment, so the original solution was to run the tapes at a slightly faster rate to compensate. When the material was reissued on CD in 1990, the original tape speed was restored. Despite this modification, the release still has the feel of an LP, with the two long pieces representing each side of the album, not subdivided into tracks, even though each listed piece is clearly distinguishable from the others. This feeling becomes even stronger at the transition between the two sides, as the two parts of "Purgatory" sound very much cut from the same loud metallic drone cloth, and the sudden transitions reinforce this impression. "Ascent" is one of the most beautiful ambient pieces in the Hafler Trio oeuvre, composed of whistling sounds like the whirly tube children's toy, a blissful piece that takes up two thirds of the first side. Intoutof has many fewer voices than other Hafler Trio releases, almost exclusively layers of drone soundscapes drenched in reverberation, with electronic events occasionally appearing out of the mist. The only voices appear at the beginning of "Consecration," a combination of yelling, percussion, and loud turbine engines that marks the climax and conclusion of this ritualistic release."

"Intoutof" was released by KK Records in 1988.

Get it here : The Hafler Trio - Intoutof

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