The Hafler Trio - Masturbatorium

From the liner notes : "This recording utilises elements from various pieces, most being initiated with this project in mind, amongst which are: Psychological Astronomy - Psychophysicist (Newton, McKenzie), The Threat That Cannot Be Obeyed - The Hafler Trio (McKenzie, Karkowski), SPIRICOM - The Hafler Trio (McKenzie, Karkowski), Tesselation - The Hafler Trio (McKenzie, Karkowski), A Luna Kanula - Asburd (McKenzie, Ponton), I Remain, Yours... - The Hafler Trio (McKenzie, Karkowski), Tantric Resonance - The Anti Group (Newton, Baker, Dennis), The Ames Room - The Hafler Trio (McKenzie), Imsak - The Hafler Trio (McKenzie). Every other sound was constructed especially for this Goddess Ritual accompaniment."

"Masturbatorium" was released by Touch Records in 1991.

Get it here : The Hafler Trio - Masturbatorium

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