The Hafler Trio - Play The Hafler Trio

From Allmusic.com : "Like several other Hafler Trio releases, this is a single-track CD with several individual pieces listed on the jacket. With the exception of "Metanoia," which is a reading (perhaps by Andrew McKenzie, who was the sole member of the Hafler Trio at the time this recording was released), all of the other pieces are built around layered drone loops. "Sheet Level Approach" uses water sounds prominently, including ocean waves, rain in gutters, and a running stream, but characteristically includes many additional layers of electronics. "Mesne" is centered around field recordings, including wind chimes, traffic, wind in the background, and very vivid stereophonic clicks, as from people or animals moving about. Some strange vocalese sounds from "Mesne" reappear in "The Detachment of Locational Sounds," another atmospheric drone piece. "Extract from Exercises" features a techno-like rhythm that looks ahead to the Hafler Trio's involvement with dance music on Designer Time and Masturbatorium. McKenzie's reading on "Metanoia" is a surreal meditation on time, money, stars, and self-mortification, similar in nature and treatment to the lecture on Bags of Cats. "The Same Room," which closes the album, is appropriately several tracks of a phonograph record at the end of the groove, layered into a cacophonous forest of clicks. Apart from "Metanoia," the remainder of the album is classic Hafler Trio -- layered drones and loops with sufficient complexity to be interesting and the occasional alarm and sudden volume change to keep the unsuspecting listener awake."

"Play The Hafler Trio" was released by Anckarström in 1991, then re-released by Staalplaat in 1991.

Get it here : The Hafler Trio - Play The Hafler Trio

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