Audiolab [2 x CD Boxset]

From the liner notes : "Audiolab is made up of a series of different sound pieces, specifically produced to be diffused inside an architectural module, created by young French designers. This space or listening chamber has been made to receive the visitor and allow for the optimal and environmental diffusion of sound. Patrick Jouin, Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec as well as Laurent Massaloux have in this way each created a listening and sound immersion module, in which the sound works are diffused and made spatial.

This compilation brings together the works produced by Audiolab 1 and 2, respectively conceived by Patrick Jouin and the Bouroullec brothers."

Audiolab 1 :
1-1   Alejandra & Aeron – Pueblos Asolados, Underwater Villages
1-2   Monolake – Idle_Time
1-3   Laetitia Bénat – Tahl (AA Edit)
1-4   Rupert Huber – A Movement In The Waiting Room
1-5   Rebecca Bournigault – Intentions
1-6   Radio Mentale – Thousands Of Records (Walking Tree Mix) featuring David Toop
1-7   Henrik Plenge Jakobsen – Plasmatic Prisms
1-8   Vladislav Delay – Stand-Alone

Audiolab 2 :
2-1   To Rococo Rot – Untitled
2-2   Dorine_Muraille – Branleuse, With Attitude
2-3   AGF – DownBYtheLAKE
2-4   Doug Aitken & Steve Roden – Time Can't Stop Now Part 1
2-5   Doug Aitken & Steve Roden – Time Can't Stop Now Part 2
2-6   Doug Aitken & Steve Roden – Time Can't Stop Now Part 3
2-7   Cameron Jamie – Spook House Field Recording
2-8   Curd Duca – Digitalanalog Suite
2-9   Xavier Veilhan & David Artaud – Dourdan

"Audiolab" was released by Lucky Kitchen in 2003.

Get it here : Audiolab

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