Luciano Castelli & Kiddy Citny - Mackie Messer / B-Luft - 7"

When experimental music meets Kurt Weill meets Paul Lincke...

Luciano Castelli is a Swiss painter, born in Lucerne in 1951.
From Discogs.com : " Kiddy Citny is a German artist and musician, born in Stuttgart in 1957. He was raised in Bremen and later moved to West Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Zurich, Bern, Los Angeles, Munich, and Berlin.
Citny is a member of the band Sprung Aus Den Wolken. As an artist, he often uses pictograms and epigrams in his work. He is known for painting parts of the Berlin Wall, at least a dozen sections of which were auctioned after its fall in 1989. Some segments are now in the United States."

"Mackie Messer / B-Luft" was released by Faux Pas in 1986.

Get it here : Luciano Castelli & Kiddy Citny - Mackie Messer / B-Luft


  1. Yes! At last it's there. Looking for this one for years. The best version of Mackie Messer there is and B-Luft is also excellent.
    Me can't believe it! Many thanks and what a great blog this is.
    Greetings from Holland

  2. If anyone here has this, please re-upload it!

    Thank you very much!