John Watermann - Ambiguity

From johnwatermann.net : "John Watermann was an artist based in Brisbane, Australia.

Over the course of his life Watermann worked with almost every conceivable artistic medium. In many ways, he was the epitome of the “total artist”; almost every element of his life being in some way his own artistic project.

Despite his vast artistic output, Watermann has been known almost exclusively for his music and even then his work remains largely undiscovered, perhaps for no other reason than its sheer unavailability. In many ways Watermann could be considered a classic example of the artists’ artist, his work influencing many far more prominent sonic alchemists.

Sadly, on April 2nd 2002 John Watermann died suddenly of an infection resulting from his ongoing treatment for cancer. Having in the final year of his life returned to painting and writing (alongside a burgeoning interest in cooking), he still had vast plans for future projects."

"Ambiguity" was released by Nightshift Records in 1990.

Get it here : John Watermann - Ambiguity

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