Jim O'Rourke & SyllyK - Frontières ?

From Discogs.com : "Born in 1969, composer/improviser/producer Jim O'Rourke has recorded as a member of the experimental rock groups Gastr Del Sol, The Red Krayola, Brise Glace and Yona Kit, recorded a number of his own albums of pop rock, guitar improvisation and musique-concrète compositions on the Drag City, Staalplaat, Extreme, Divided, Entenpfuhl and Metamkine labels, released collaborative recordings with Henry Kaiser, K.K. Null, Gunter Muller, Eddie Prevost, Evan Parker, Phill Niblock and Mats Gustafsson, and produced albums by Tony Conrad, Faust, Melt Banana and Space Streakings. Until recently O'Rourke was most active as a producer and member of Sonic Youth, but he left the band in late 2005. He has since issued some of his more experimental early pieces such as "6 Oscillators '87 / Guitar '88", and contributed to projects such as Diskaholics Anonymous Trio, among others."

SyllyK is Eric La Casa and Sylvie Laroche.

Eric La Casa : "The propagation of sound in a locale is a complex vibratory / undulatory phenomenon which involves acoustic measurement just as much as it involves aesthetic appreciation. How to account for the size of things by their sonic properties? Beyond technical protocol, listening becomes tied up in the surfaces of the world. Recordings, sonic readings, open out into a musical form which reactivates a perception of that which surrounds us, whether visible or not; a reinjection. Thus, for fifteen years or so, my musical practice has been a series of experimentations / improvisations with this sonic locale. As it passes through my microphones, the site of the survey – everyday life – is transformed into a site of play. The dimensions of the real world generate sonic representations whose proportions found another perspective on the world."

"Frontières ?" was released by La Légende Des Voix in 1992.

Get it here : Jim O'Rourke & SyllyK - Frontières ?

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