Curd Duca - Elevator

From Wikipedia : "Curd Duca (born 14 March 1955) is an Austrian musician, composer and producer of electronic music. He has played in the experimental groups "Auch Wenn Es Seltsam Kingen Mag", "8 ODER 9" and "Skin". Starting in 1992, he has been working mainly on solo projects with electronic instruments.

Curd Duca is known for his work with audio samples that get altered, cut-up and "re-contextualised". The audio is taken from analog sources and mostly used without beats. Rhythmic structures are created, originally by loops, more recently by micro-cuts and improvisation with parameters of granular synthesis. From 1996, his albums were released on the experimental/techno label Mille Plateaux."

"Elevator" was released by Mille Plateaux in 1998.

Get it here : Curd Duca - Elevator

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