V.V. - The Animals In These Cages Are Injured In Some Way And Would Probably Die If Released

"V.V. is Ven Voisey, a multi-diciplinary artist living in North Adams, Massachusetts. Born in Richmond, CA, Voisey grew up in the East Bay Area of Northern California. In 2000, he received a BA from San Francisco State University in a multi-diciplinary major combining Electronic music with Conceptual Art. In 2003, Voisey moved to North Adams, MA. Since then he has been working with a variety of arts organizations and making work in his studio. In 2010 he was Artist-in-Residence at the Berkshire Museum and received the Individual Artist grant from Local Cultural Council of Northern Berkshire." (www.v---v.net)

"The Animals In These Cages..." was released by Aesova in 2002.

Get it here : V.V. - The Animals In These Cages...

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