Pimmon - Copper Hats

From Discogs.com : "Pimmon is Paul Gough, an Austalian artist. The name Pimmon acts as an empty canvas for Gough's otherworld soundscapes.

The sound of Pimmon? Buzzes and blips, distorted rumbles, ghosts of melody, radar pulses, glitched ambience all are melted into an unpredictable slab of sound that fluctuates on and off.

Minimal and maximised sounds weave without sounding unfocused. Microscopic worlds that are zoom-lensed into grainy focus, alien and yet vaguely familiar, an emotive call from the distance."

"Copper Hats" is Pimmon's 1st album. It was released by Freedom From in 1997.

Get it here : Pimmon - Copper Hats

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