From Allmusic.com : "By 2001, the Quebec city sound art collective Avatar was undergoing important transformations, with two of their founding members -- Jocelyn Robert and Christof Migone -- turning or already turned toward new cities, new people, and new ventures. The intent of this remix project was to recycle the past in order to point to the future. Eight artists were commissioned remixes using the first CDs released on Ohm Éditions (Avatar's label). The music of Robert, Migone, Pierre-André Arcand, the collective projects Radio Folie Culture and Rappel, and precursors Bruit TTV was treated, sampled, and recreated by Ralf Wehowsky, Martin Tétreault, Christian Calon, Terre Thaemlitz, John Oswald, Diane Labrosse, David Kristian, and Alexandre St-Onge. So there are musicians from the Ambiances Magnétiques and Alien8 Recordings stables; from Montreal, Europe, and Japan; and from electro-acoustic and electronica realms, all on the same CD. They approached the subject from different angles, but came to similar conclusions. All pieces belong to the turn-of-the-century avant-garde stylings of digital lowercase or new electro-acoustics."

Tracklisting :

1. Ralf Wehowsky - Gesichte
2. Martin Tétreault - Bloc De Vitesse Brune Avec 2 Trous
3. Christian Calon - Aiguiser L'Ouïe
4. Terre Thaemlitz - Transit(ional Edit)
5. John Oswald - Ohmigone
6. John Oswald - Ridge
7. Diane Labrosse - Curieux Mélange Pour Amateurs Auditifs De La Jeune Radio
8. David Kristian - Ohmite
9. Alexandre St-Onge - I-I

"Ohmix" was released by Avatar / OHM Editions in 2001.

Get it here : Ohmix

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