P16.D4 - Three Projects

From Discogs.com : "P16.D4 was a German band whose music bordered on the industrial and on the cacophonous. On their debut album "Kühe In 1/2 Trauer" (Selektion, 1982) they managed to fuse the playful irrationality of dadaism and the oppressive tones of expressionism. Roger Schönauer and Ewald Weber focused on an austere art and technique of loop and tape manipulation. Stefan E. Schmidt joined the ensemble on Distruct (Selektion,1995), a deconstructed remix of sound sources provided by friends in the industrial scene. The double album Nichts Niemand Nirgends Nie (1985) delved into musique concrete and electronic improvisation. Tionchor (Sonoris, 1987) collects revised rarities."

The three projects all were recorded in 1987. They originally were released on :
- "Bruitiste", RRR, 1988
- "Captured Music", Selektion, 1989
- "Fifty", RRR, 1990

"Three Projects" was released by RRR in 1993.

Get it here : P16.D4 - Three Projects

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