John Watermann - Illusions Of Infinite Bliss

From johnwatermann.net : "John Watermann first released his music in 1989 in the form of the album “Warmth is the Fifth Room”. Like most of his releases, it appeared in a run of very few copies on his own label “Nightshift”, and was consequently difficult to find.

Over the next 10 years he released numerous albums and contributed to a number of compilations, both under his own name as a solo artist, in collaboration with others (such as Merzbow) and under a number of pseudonyms (including Radio Mull, Spinal Machine and Total Disease). Also, apart from his music, in the 1990s he created an interactive cd-rom work “Rose is a Rose is a” and published the webzine Lean Yellow Supporting."

"Illusions Of Infinite Bliss" is a compilation of three previously released albums: "Warmth Is The Fifth Room" (1988), "The Dead Calm Of Bashing Coca-Cola" (1989) and "Illusions Of Infinite Bliss" (1989). This compilation was released by Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien in 1990.

Get it here : John Watermann - Illusions Of Infinite Bliss

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