Ios Smolders - Music For CD-Player

From Discogs.com : "Jos Smolders (Deurne, The Netherlands, October 20th, 1960) studied architecture at the Delft Technical University but quit and continued the musical tape experiments of his childhood. He started musicological studies of electronic and recorded music, then he was six years co-editor of Vital Magazine. Active in the underground electronic scene, founding member of the renowned Dutch electroacoustic ensemble THU20, he released his own music on cassette, LP and CD. He now works as a sound designer and composer in Tilburg (The Netherlands). He is the founder of the online magazine and mp3 label Earlabs."

"Music For CD-PLayer" is made up of 99 indexed and untitled tracks that can be played in any order. The CD-PLayer is then the performer while the listener/player is the conductor of the performance.

"Music For CD-PLayer" was released by Staalplaat in 1994.

Get it here : Ios Smolders - Music For CD-Player

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