Double Nelson - Ceux Qui l'Ont Fait !

From www.last.fm : "Based in Nancy, France, Double Nelson are named after a wrestling technique. Their debuts in the late 80s happened in a context of art activism in the city, with many students trying themselves at underground activities, including rock.
Despite a very good first album, Double Nelson established themselves as a noticeable band outside of their native region only after years of ceaseless touring and releasing of frantic albums (although notably less punchy than their sets).

Double Nelson’s concept is that anything can be done without any means - and that it’s the best way to do it. Their music is quite basic but frankly energetic - from the start they claimed not knowing how to play any instruments, and everyone is still wondering whether the vocals on their first albums really mean something.

Probably damned, they had multiple issues with releasing albums, including once loosing all the tapes in a studio fire. Their music is sometimes labeled electro-rock, but should be thought of as basic electronic rythms and noises mixed with nervous guitar playing and franctic chants. Double Nelson performances are a must for the energy that is then dissipated."
"Ceux Qui l'Ont Fait" (their first album) was released in 1989.

Get it here : Double Nelson - Ceux Qui l'Ont Fait !

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