John Duncan - Dark Market Broadcast

From Discogs.com : "From noise to conceptual installations, shortwave-radio to enviromental recordings, John Duncan has been one of the most consistently confrontational, powerful, and compelling masters of experimentation of the last twenty years. Since 2001, Duncan has been releasing his records through his own label Allquestions. The label, based in Italy, has been quietly building up a catalogue of highly regarded recordings.

Over the years, Duncan has worked on many rewarding collaborations: 'Incoming' with Christoph Heemann, 'Contact' with Andrew McKenzie (of the Hafler Trio), and most recently 'Da Sich Die Machtgier' with Asmus Tietchens. Other than on his own label, Duncan has released records on labels such as Touch, Staalplaat, Die Stadt and Heemann's own Streamline label."

"Dark Market Broadcast" was released by Staalplaat in 1990.

Get it here : John Duncan - Dark Market Broadcast

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