Kingdom Scum - Golden Asshole Legacy

From Discogs.com : "Kingdom Scum project started in 1989 when two friends were digging through the dumpster of the treatment center in Richmond, Virginia. There in the trash lay some discarded archives - one of which was entitled "The Documents of Kingdom Scum". The papers were written in 1909 by a former tenant of the institution who had signed their name as "Apuro, sun of the vermin wind". This name later became adopted by one of the two founders of Kingdom Scum. The other, Troy Eeyore, had been working with another project "Eeyore Power Tool" and together they began to write music for the ideas and texts in the papers they found. At the same time they began to write their own texts in a similar vein.
Throughout the years the musical manifestation of Kingdom Scum has taken on various members and helpers. Yet most of the time, Apuro and Troy Eeyore were working together. Throughout the period 1990-1999 Kingdom Scum performed numerous concerts and released various records on various labels (Turn of the Century, Eerie Materials, Staalplaat, etc...). All collaboration since then has been long-distant and live performances are rare."

"Golden Asshole Legacy" was released by Staalplaat in 1993.

Get it here : Kingdom Scum - Golden Asshole Legacy


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