Negativland - 1st Album

 From Discogs.com : "The experimental-music and art collective known as Negativland (Richard Lyons, Mark Hosler, Don Joyce, Peter Conheim) has been recording music/audio/collage works since 1980, producing a weekly 3 hour radio show ("Over The Edge") since 1981, hosting a World Wide Web site since 1995, and performing live on occasional tours throughout America and Europe. Negativland's particular musical practice incorporates found sounds and musical samples into their collage compositions. Our contemporary interest in collage (a hallmark of 20th Century art of all kinds) is prompted by the fact that art and commerce have now merged to a degree where corporate commerce now finances, grooms, directs, filters, manufactures and distributes almost everything we know of as 'culture'."

Negativland's 1st album was released by Sealand in 1980.

Get it here : Negativland - 1st Album

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