Sweden - Same Diff

For those who wonder who is Sweden, then imagine a kind of Australian Costes and you'll get a short idea.

"Same Diff is like karaoke without the practice rooms, a cabaret noise style re-enactment of cataclysmic musical moments from the 60's and 70's performed with all the skill of a young council official. Starting with the sinister opening bars of White Rabbit to the orgasmic climax of Macarthur Park." (www.dualplover.com)

The pack includes the audio part as well as the CD-ROM part which contains seven videos of Sweden performing in a bath of beans !

"Same Diff" was produced and recorded by Garry Bradbury who also provides backing vocals on the track "Itchy" along with Patrick Gibson (Systematics, The Loop Orchestra).

"Same Diff" was released in 2002.

Get it here : Sweden - Same Diff

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