Lowercase-Sound 2002 [2 x CD Boxset]

From Allmusic.com : "This two-CD compilation describes better than words the scope and interest of the field of attentive listening and microscopic sounds. Beautifully and originally designed, the box contains previously unreleased contributions by a representative cross section of artists. Disc one focuses on pieces derived from field recordings or recordings of acoustic instruments. Gal's "Zhu Shui" (an assemblage of bowling up and cooling down tea kettles) and John Hudak's "Radio Past" (a wax cylinder recording severely altered by the passage of time) stand out, with contributions by Dale Lloyd and Jason Lescalleet also offering memorable moments. Radu Malfatti's "Selbander" is an excruciatingly minimal piece for three trombones made of short episodes of droning activity separated by lengthy silences. Disc two culls tracks of a more purely electronic nature and here we find many top names in the field of experimental electronica and installation art: Francisco Lopez, Stephan Mathieu, Carl Stone, Tetsu Inoue, Taylor Deupree, Kim Cascone -- even Toshimaru Nakamura is represented with one of his pieces on no-input mixing board. Stone's gentle ambient workout "Tefu" and Ronnie Sundin's (aka Rsundin) "_siesmol" provide the highlights of this second platter. The latter piece contains a sudden loud sound that ranks as the set's only heart-attack-inducing moment -- you'll remember it. In short, lowercase-sound 2002 is an open-minded, inclusive collection rating high as being representative of both the artists involved in this style and the kind of design that usually accompanies their music. Highly recommended."

CD 1 :
1-01   The Beige Channel - Implosion
1-02   Tucker Dulin - One Minute
1-03   Gal - Zhu Shui
1-04   Josh Russell - Bp70/32
1-05   Bob L. Sturm - 100:200111 Torrey Pines Outer Buoy
1-06   Dale Lloyd - Fleeting Recollections Of The Snow Plain
1-07   Matt Shoemaker - Charm
1-08   Yannick Dauby - In Dolem
1-09   Electric Company - M
1-10   Reynols - Blank Tapes Mogal
1-11   Joseph Siemion - Discorse
1-12   Animist Orchestra - 4/7/01
1-13   Radu Malfatti - Selbander
1-14   Jason Lescalleet - The Destructive Effects Of Group Dynamics
1-15   David Gross - Untitled
1-16   Undr Quartet - Your Name Was Written In Green
1-17   John Hudak - Radio Past

CD 2 :
2-01   Otaku Yakuza - The Space Of A Second
2-02   Francisco López - Untitled #118
2-03   Rsundin - _Siesmol
2-04   Akira Rabelais - Disjectimembrapoetaeeatelich
2-05   Stephan Mathieu - Flake
2-06   Immedia - -(2)
2-07   Dan Abrams - Feature
2-08   Peter Van Hoesen - Objectseq
2-09   Michael Schumacher - Still
2-10   Carl Stone - Tefu
2-11   Tetsu Inoue - Compact
2-12   Taylor Deupree - Inharmil
2-13   Kim Cascone - Edge Boundry #1
2-14   Toshimaru Nakamura - Nimb #20
2-15   Jonas Lindgren - Groundwater
2-16   Civyiu Kkliu - Ludmilla Faulk

"Lowercase-Sound 2002" was released by Bremsstrahlung in 2002.

Get it here : Lowercase-Sound 2002

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